B-Boy for Christ

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Come get pampered for diabetes! We’re raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation! If you cannot attend the event, donate at www2.jdrf.org/goto/walkforayden!
Thanks in advance!
Rockin’ the @godsqwadrecords Flag tee!
Cop one at www.godsqwadrecords.com/store
Yes sir!! Go download The Holy Symphony for free at https://godsqwadrecords.bandcamp.com/track/the-holy-symphony-b-boy-for-christ-r-e-f-geddenon-promise-son-donald-guy-alpha-team
Song features @bboyforchrist,  @unashamed504, @olleeolleeoxenfree, @donaldguymusic, @refmusic208 & @alphateamat3
Sweet Jesus tees! All proceeds go towards Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!
Sweet Jesus tees available now at:

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About me

I am a Christian MC, owner of the #YOLA tee shirt brand. On my Tumblr, you will find posts teaching about different scriptures, my t-shirts, my music as well as inspiration for the soul. If anyone is going through something and needs prayer, hit me up. Hope you like. God bless!


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